Welcome back to school! It doesn’t matter how many years I have been retired (13), I still live by the school year cycle.

Being a student for about 20 years and teaching for 35 years programmed my brain into a permanent September to June “year.”

If you missed the announcement on our website, you may be surprised that we will continue to send the Newsletter to our Association members who do not have email addresses.

The all-color edition, however, will be sent via email to everyone who has an email address on record, and the Newsletter will be posted on the website.

The Alumni Association and the San Diego High School Foundation have joined forces in order do all we can to Save San Diego High.

It’s a shame that only voters in the city of San Diego will determine whether the San Diego Unified School District will be legally able to continue leasing the land San Diego High has occupied since 1881.


Every SDHS graduate should be allowed to vote!

Finally, thank you, Linda Henry, for your extraordinary work as the Association historian, and for co-editing of the Newsletter last year. I am so grateful for Linda’s talents and her generous spirit.

Now I welcome my new colleague, Ron Scott, Web Guy extraordinaire, who comes on board with this issue to format the Newsletter for us. These wonderful colleagues are living testimony to the dedication and talents of our Alumni Association Board of Directors!

All the best to everyone out there in Alumni Land,