Congratulations Cavers!

Let me start off with many “Thank Yous” to the citizens of San Diego for envisioning what the City of San Diego would be like without its namesake “San Diego High School.” Your voices were heard by your vote on Measure I in November 2016 (77.92% in favor to 22.08% opposed) which told city officials, school district officials, parents and students one thing: you value the education of not only current SDHS students, but of future students who will attend SDHS.

“Thank You” from me and the SDHS Alumni Association Board of Directors to Councilman David Alvarez for his leadership, to all of the city officials that supported Measure I, to the SDUSD Board of Trustees, to the Save SDHS Campaign Committee, to businesses, community groups, and many, many organizations who worked to pass the measure. I look forward to continuing support from Councilman Alvarez and the school district for San Diego High School and the San Diego High School Alumni Association. I look forward to working with the school district on the remodeling of San Diego High School, providing an environment and atmosphere around SDHS that students can be proud of and cherish for years to come.

“Thank You” to the SDHS students, teachers and staff, all who worked on their own time in support of Measurer I. To Mr. Jose Diaz (ASB Advisor) for his tireless effort, again on his own time, to help the students organize their efforts to “Save SDHS.” To the SDHS students who volunteered their own time and put in an all-out effort to save their school. I was witness to their efforts, and I was very proud of them over the course of the campaign: from organizing their fellow students, making signs in support of Measure I, speaking at city council meetings, holding rallies and phone banking right up to the night before the election. To the parents and the San Diego High Community, you should be very proud of those students for what they accomplished.

“Thank You” to all of the SDHS Alumni who spread the word locally and via social media outlets: the word spread like wildfire. From the beginning, starting with the first online petition that generated thousands of hits in the first few weeks to over 2,500 prior to the November 8th vote, to the alumni who spoke at city council meetings, to the alumni who wrote editorials to the local media, to the alumni classes that used their Facebook class pages to spread the word--it worked!


The future of SDHS in its current location is secure for another 134 years. Now we can rest assured that SDHS will be around for generations to come. “Thank You,” Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

I would like to talk about the SDHS Alumni Assoc. newsletter. The newsletter has been printed for many years. It has been the joy of our members who look forward to receiving the newsletter twice a year in the mail. When the Board of Directors looked at cost saving measures for the Alumni Association, we included the cost of publishing and mailing the newsletter. When word got around that the newsletter might become available only online, we heard from you, the members. We heard your points of view from “I don’t have a computer, printer or emails,” to “I look forward to getting the newsletter and would be okay with it being online.”

How would we as a board accommodate the concerns and wishes of our members, and deal with the ever-rising cost of mailing a newsletter? Some members sent in additional funds with their annual dues so they could still receive the printed newsletter. We thank you for that. Some of the ideas we have come up with include keeping the printed version of the newsletter and only sending it out to those that don’t have a computer or email. The greatly reduced printed newsletter would only be printed in black & white. Our challenge is to continue updating our membership database to include correct mailing addresses which will reduce the number of returned newsletters; to ask for and collect email addresses for those members who enjoy reading the newsletter online and printing out a color version from our website if they want a printed copy. Our office staff is working hard to accomplish the tasks of updating our database which takes time. So if you hear from our office staff, please help them by updating your current information: address, phone number and email address.

We understand that your privacy is important to you. It is also important to us; we will not share your information with anyone that is not affiliated with SDHS, the SDHS Alumni Assoc. or the SDHS Foundation. If a classmate or a reunion chairperson wants to get in touch with you, we will get their information and pass it on to you if you're a member of the Alumni Association. We post reunion information on our website for those who are not members, so you can keep abreast of your class reunion chairperson and activities. When we send out an email to you as a member, we will do a blind copy (bcc), so others will not see your email address.